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35% OFF orders of 75+ | Free domestic US shipping with orders 250+
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Are your products vegan?

Yes, our products are vegan, made only of plant-based fibers, in this case, organic cotton.

Are all of your products organic/biodegradable?

Yes, every single item we sell is fully organic, down to the sewing thread. There are many companies out there selling "sustainable" organic items sewn with polyester thread and labels, we find that very misleading. 

Why are your products so expensive?

This is a great question and one that requires a little bit of insight to understand. As a small business, we can only purchase limited quantities of materials. That means a lot of the time we can't meet minimums for wholesale or discounted pricing. If this makes you wonder if we pay retail price for some of our materials, you are correct!

Materials manufactured in the USA also cost significantly more than materials manufactured overseas (why most companies outsource). Add to that, USA manufactured *organic* goods, and our labor rate of 25/hr to the sewists who make our goods, you are presented with an entirely ethical, environmentally sound, and regenerative line of products that cost more than what we are used to.

Our vision is that as we grow we'll be able to meet minimums and in turn lower our prices to be more affordable for all. After all, the point of our brand is to show people that being radically sustainable and accessible IS possible. 

Are your products dyed with safe dyes?

Our products are actually not dyed at all. The colors you see across our items are all-natural, a result of cotton that grows in those shades. This is especially exciting as its safe for those with skin sensitivities, and you have a colorful item that produced zero toxic waste-water from dyes, which is incredibly harmful to the planet. 

Where are you products made?

We pride ourselves in having a fully domestic supply chain, with the exception of our sewing thread which comes from Holland, but sourced from a US based company. All of our textiles are made here in the States with USA grown organic cotton. Our products are sewn in Jersey City, New Jersey in collaboration with a small woman-owned sewing studio 10 min away. 

Can I buy your products in store?

As of now, you can find a small selection of our goods in the Housework shop located at 1 Ferry Building, Suite 37, San Fransisco, California. 

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes, some of our items are available for wholesale purchase. If you are interested in carrying The Conscious Comfort products in your shop, please send an email to Veronica - info@theconsciouscomfort.com.